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Surely its time you proved that? What must they be thinking of you? (They? Oh? theyll understand. You forget theyre Irish, too, love.) Well, Richard, my advice is . . . if youre quite determined to move from here . . . go and pay some visits and travel about a bit, as you ought to have done at first.

Meanwhile Johns serene and dignified existence had shattered to its foundations; carrying with it, in its fall, the peace and security of those lesser lives that depended on it. For close on six months, he had kept his own counsel. With his once full lips pinched thin in his old, greying face, he went doggedly to and from the warehouse in Flinders Lane, as he had done every day for five-and-twenty years: driving off at nine of a morning, and returning as the clock struck six to escort Lizzie to any entertainment she still cared to patronise: and this, though his skin had gone the colour of dry clay or a dingy plaster, and he was so wasted that his clothes seemed to flap scarecrow-like on his bones. Marys heart bled for him; and even Richard was moved to remark that what John must be suffering, both mentally and physically, God alone knew. But they could only pity in silence; open compassion was not to be thought of: after the one terrible night Mary had spent with John, the subject of his illness was taboo, even to her. Alone, sheathed in his impenetrable reserve, he prepared for his departure; bade farewell, behind locked doors, to a life of surpassing interest, now cut short in mid-career. In politics, his place would not be hard to fill. But of the great business he had built up he was still the mainspring; and, in a last spurt of his stiff pride, he laboured to leave all that concerned it in perfect order. And yet, watching him with her heart in her eyes, Mary sometimes wondered . . . wondered whether the unquenchable optimism that had made him the man he was had even yet wholly deserted him. He had had so little experience of illness, and was, she knew, still running privily from doctor to specialist; giving even quacks and their remedies a trial. Did he nurse a hope that medical opinion, right in ninety-nine cases, might prove wrong in his, and he have the hundredth chance? One thing at least she knew: he intended, if humanly possible, to bear up till the child was born and Lizzie better able to withstand the blow.

To begin with, it was plain at once what John had meant by his: wait till you have seen him! Hempel was now but the shadow of his former self, shrunken, emaciated, with over-bright eyes, and a dry cough that took him in paroxysms, at the end of which he withdrew a spotted handkerchief from his lips.

In vain did Mary harp on Tillys sterling qualities. Before a week was out, Mahony swore he would prefer fewer virtues and more tact. Goodness of heart could be rated too highly. Why should not quick-wittedness, and sensitiveness to your neighbours tender places, also be counted to your credit? Why must it always be the blunt-tongued, the hob-nailed of approach, who got all the praise?

These few simple rules laid down, he retired into the background. The comfortable knowledge that his children were in the best of hands left his mind free.

Come, DO I need to mix with ostlers at my time of life? . . . and in my present position. Its not my fault that Ive gone up in the world and he down.

It was while he still lingered, ruminating these things, that he saw advertised for sale a practice on the south coast of England, in a locality which was described as lovely, sheltered, salubrious. Something in the wording of the paragraph took his fancy and he wrote for particulars. The reply was so favourable that, instead of either travelling to Glasgow or going back to Leicester, he set out by way of Bristol for the south. To see the place was straightway to lose his heart to it; here, for once was a dream come true. The advertiser turned out to be as young as Brocklebank had been old a practitioner of but a years standing. But to the hardy old surgeon as a reed to an oak. For even the soft air of this sheltered nook had not been mild enough for a congenital throat-weakness; and the young man was hieing him to the Cape, where he proposed to settle. Such was his eagerness to be gone that he came a considerable way to meet Mahony in the matter of price. And now letters passed and telegrams flew between husband and wife; till, even the electric wire proving too circumstantial for Richards impatience, Mary was bidden to pack her bag and join him there. She came, and was herself charmed with the spot as, indeed, how could she help being, cried Richard, who was as elated as a child. You might search England through, and not find its equal.

Oh, theres no talking to you nowadays, your heads so full of windy stuff. But I tell you this, Richard, I refuse to have my children dragged from place to place . . . as Ive been. Its not as if its ever helped a bit either, our giving up home after home. Youre always wild, at the moment, to get away, but afterwards youre no happier than you were before. And then, what makes me so angry, you let yourself be influenced by such silly, trivial things. I believe youre ready to sell this house just because you LIKE the man who wants to buy it, or because hes praised up the garden. But youll be sorry for it, I know you will, before three months are out. I havent lived with you all these years for nothing.

A few days later she came home radiant.

For Mary knew very well that neither the genuine sincerity of Tillys greeting, nor her multitudinous arrangements for their comfort, would suffice to blot from Richards mind the figure she cut this day.

John died five days later at midnight.

Jopson, who was a short man of enormous bulk, had been accommodated with a chair, after his drag uphill. He rose at Mahonys approach, but continued to ease his weight against the doorpost.

But then came that afternoon when Lizzie let drop an item of news which successfully routed Marys peace of mind.

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Chapter VII

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But afterwards, Mary as she took down her hair, Mahony as he went round the house locking up, each dedicated the matter a further and private refection. She said to herself, astonished: I do believe Richard is turning radical, and then went on to muse, a little wryly, that the fates to which he so jauntily referred were, after all, but another name for his own caprices. He, on the other hand, after justifying an omission to himself with: No use worrying the poor little soul about that dam fool Robinson! sent her a thought so warm that it resembled a caress. For at heart his whole sympathy was with Mary and Marys ineradicable generosity. Alone, and his irritation cooled, he ranged himself staunchly on her side, against the stiff, uncharitable little world into which they were fallen.

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Come, this is really VERY jolly, Mary!

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Chapter III

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Then, in coming along the passage from the bedroom, with Lizzie enshawled at her side, she caught a murmured word of Richards that was evidently meant only for Johns ear. And when she had seen her guests off she did not re-enter the house, but stood on the verandah, anxiously awaiting Richard who had gone to open the gate.

2021-06-13 21:50:31 [铁岭市网友]

Mahonys anger was laid on the instant. Why, my dear! . . . why, Mary . . . whats all this about? Come, come, love! as her sobs increased in violence this will never do. Theres nothing to upset yourself over. The fact is, as you say, youre tired out. We shall be having you ill in earnest if this goes on. And small wonder, Im sure. I declare, as soon as youre rid of your cold I shall shut this place up and take you away from everybody, on a trip to Sydney and the Blue Mountains.

2021-06-13 21:50:31 [拉萨市网友]

Dear Lizzie! I, too, am very glad. But what about the children? Have you thought if it will suit you to be a stepmother? Emmy is a grown girl now turned seventeen.

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