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There you have it! said Nurse to Eliza. This is what happens when gentlemen get to interfering in things they dont understand. If the doctor ud just ave let me say they were gone to a party, thered ave been none of this. Master Cuffy knows well enough what a party is, and though it ad lasted for weeks it wouldnt ave made any difference to him, bless is little heart! Its the things they DONT understand that worries children. This fad now that they must ave nothing but the truth told em. Lord bless you! If we did that, there soon wouldnt be any more children left . . . nothing but little old men and women.

Mary paused in the act of slipping the rings off her fingers and on the branches of her ring-tree, and looked surprised. WHAT, Richard? Your OLDEST friend? But Mahony, versed in every lightest expression that flitted across the candid face before him, felt the emphasis to be overdone. Like himself it was plain Mary had suffered something of a shock.

She threw a motherly glance after him, and sighed. Poor old Richard! She had been bound to tell him, of course; but by doing so she had furnished him with a worry for the whole day. It was clear he had set his heart on keeping Toplands; and now, after consulting him on and off for a couple of months, the silly people seemed to be going back to that red-nosed, ungentlemanly Mr. Robinson. She couldnt understand it. Still, in Richards place, she would have taken it calmly. Ten to one turncoats like these would soon come running to him again. Time was needed for people here to find out how clever he was.

Come, Lisby, said Mother, the kettles boiling its head off. Richard, my dear, draw up your chair; you must be cold and famished. Nay, Mary, Ill not let you go home. Were going to drink a cosy cup together. And afterwards Richard shall tell us more adventures of the early days. Ive looked forward to it all the afternoon. Its as good as any book.

Where HAVE you been? The child will be perished. Well, youll have to see to him yourself now. Were all much too ill.

After this she was no longer in doubt whether he heard her. For though he went on reading, his face changed in a way she well knew. To herself she called it going wronghis face went wrong was how she put it and in the year they had been in England, she had watched what was formerly a casual occurrence turn to almost a habit. Now Richard had always been a very transparent person, showing anger, pride, amusement, all too plainly. But this was something different. It was not so much an expression as a loss of expression; and it happened when anyone laid a chance finger on some sensitive spot he had believed securely hidden. Put thus out of countenance he wore an oddly defenceless, even a hapless air; and it distressed her to see him give himself away in front of strangers. Hence, she had a fresh reason for trying to be beforehand with news of a disagreeable nature. In the old days, she had wished to hinder him feeling hurt; now it was to hinder him showing that he was hurt which, of the two, she believed he minded more.

The ladies uttered rapturous exclamations; while the gentlemen, mostly without a note of music in them, declared: pon my word, very remarkable, very remarkable indeed! and Aunt Lizzie, from whom cuffy had picked up this song by ear, hailed him as an infant prodigy, and painted for him a future that made Marys heart swell with pride.

My dehling! Why, Mary, love, I had no idea positively I had not . . . I declare it will be like having a younger sister. My dehling girl! And I will show you how to dress your hair, love two puffs, one on each side of the parting it will be a GREAT improvement to your appearance. That will please papeh, wont it? His dear PET, I feel sure. Who will be able to tell me ALL his little ways.

But considering the woman WAS a fraud? Tilly vows she had all sorts of contrivances pinned to her body.

Down this street Mahony walked, in the surtout, light trousers and bell-topper which he still preferred to the careless attire of a country doctor. He was greeted with bows and bobs and touched forelocks. But the fact of his appearing on foot brought him many a quizzing glance; and there were also shoppers who came at a trot to the door to see and stare after him. Or perhaps, he thought with a grimace, the more than common interest he roused this morning was due to his ill-treatment of Jopsons mare, the tale of which had no doubt already been buzzed abroad. He was really only now, after several months residence in Buddlecombe, beginning to understand the seven days wonder with which he must have provided the inhabitants by settling in their midst he, who bore with him the exotic aroma of the Antipodes! At the time, being without experience of little English country places, he had failed to appreciate it.

Oh, yes, the children. Why . . . the truth is, dearest Mary, I havent . . . they are not with me. Henry thought . . . he thought . . .

Richard . . . The question that teased Mary was, should she tell him what she had heard, or keep it to herself? In one way she agreed with Lizzie that he ought to know, he being so fastidious in his views. Besides, if he heard it from some other source, he might feel aggrieved that she had held back. On the other hand, his knowing would probably curtail, if not put a stop altogether to his and Graceys experiments: he wouldnt want to give people food for talk. And that would be a pity. Would it be disloyal to say nothing? Disloyal to Gracey to tell what she so plainly wished to keep dark? But Richard came first. And here again, unlike poor Louisa, Mary felt she could weigh the matter very calmly; for in her was a feeling nothing could shake: the happily married womans sense of possession. It was not only the fact of Richard being what he was. Their life together rested on the surest of foundations: the experiences of many, how many years; the trials and tribulations they had been through together; the joys they had shared; the laughs they had had over things and people; a complete knowledge of each others prejudices and antipathies who else could unlock, with half a word, the rich storehouse of memories they had in common? Homelier things, too, there were in plenty, which bound no less closely: the airing and changing of your underlinen; how sweet or how strong you drank your coffee; how you liked your bed made; your hatred of the touch of steel on fruit; of a darn in a sock. Deeper down though, pushed well below the topmost layer of her consciousness, just one unspoken fear DID lurk. If she told Richard what she had heard, and he did not take it in the spirit he had hitherto invariably shown towards irregularities of this kind, Mary knew she would feel both hurt and humiliated. Not for herself but for him.

That afternoon it was December, and night now soon after three oclock he had and not for the first time stepped over the low railing that separated the garden-plots to say: Come, Lisby, let us go a-gallivanting! Nothing loath, Lisby, also not for the first time, laid aside her needle, tied on bonnet and tippet, and off they went arm-in-arm, to prowl round the lighted shops of the town.

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2021-06-12 19:56:35 [泰安市网友]

How hard on her you are! Yes, both you and John. Every woman NATURALLY wants a husband . . . and a good thing, too, or where would the world be? Besides if she doesnt marry, you men are the first to twit her with being an old maid. But if she shows any inclination for it, its considered matter for a joke . . . or not quite nice.

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [广州市网友]

Yes, Richards fortunes seemed at last to have taken a definite turn for the better, when of a sudden the blow fell which put an end to hopes and fears alike. What was behind it Mary did not know, and never learned. But one morning at breakfast he blurted out in summary fashion that he had resolved, overnight, to shake the dust of Buddlecombe off his feet. And before she had recovered from the shock of this announcement, the house was up for sale, and she hard at work sorting and packing. Coming as it did on top of her renewed confidence, the decision hit Mary hard. It also gave a further push to her tottering faith in Richards judgment. Of course, it was clear something unpleasant had happened at the last dinner-party. But she could get nothing out of Richard absolutely nothing except that he was done for all eternity with place and people. In vain she reasoned, argued, pleaded . . . and even lost her temper. He remained obstinately silent, leaving her to her own conjectures which led nowhere. Leicester? . . . well, compared with this, his bolting from Leicester had been as easy to understand as A B C an ugly town with no practice worth speaking of, and the little there was, of the wrong kind. But here where she had thought his first irate Till Christmas! was gradually being overlaid; here she could only put his abrupt determination down to one of his most freakish and wayward impulses.

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [德阳市网友]

Now, dear, you neednt put on that tone to me. I saw directly you came into the room . . . have you and he fallen out?

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All was over; the poor weeping, shattered women were led from the room. Mary, despite her grief, kept her presence of mind, and Miss Julia with her. But Lizzie was convulsed; and poor little Emmy, her long service ended, broke down utterly and had to be carried to bed, and chafed, and dosed with restoratives. Zara was bidden see to the children, Johns three, who had been brought over during the afternoon in case their father should ask for them: forgotten, hungry, tired, they had cried themselves to sleep, and now lay huddled in a tear-stained group on the dining-room sofa. Mahony and the doctor busied themselves for yet a while in the death-chamber; after which, decently composed and arranged, John formed no more than a sheet-draped rising on the beds smooth plain. Mahony locked the door behind him and took the key. The dogcart had come round, and Jerry, who was to drive back to town with the doctor, stood, his collar turned up, all of a fidget to get home to Fanny and his children. Mahony went out with them and, having watched them drive off, paused to breathe the night air, which was fresh and welcome after the fetid odours of the sickroom. And standing there under the stars he sent, like an arrow of farewell, a parting thought to the soul that might even now be winging its way to freedom, and to whom soon all mysteries would be plain. John had made a brave end. There had been no whining for pity or pardon: on his own responsibility he had lived, and he died by the same rule the good Turnham blood had come out in him to the last. And as he re-entered the house, where, by now, the last exhausted watcher was sinking into unconsciousness, Mahony murmured half-aloud to himself: Well done, John . . . well done!

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [晋中市网友]

Oh, Pollys lost her baby, poor thing! cried Mary, whom the doings of Spurgeons follower interested but mildly. I do feel sorry for her. Not but what she takes it very sensibly. And if you think . . . six children and that teeny-weeny house. Still, its rather sad. She says: OF COURSE NOBODY MISSES IT OR CARED ANYTHING ABOUT IT BUT ME. BUT IT WAS RATHER A NICE LITTLE KID MARY, AND WELL FORMED. I HAD IT AT THE BREAST FOR A DAY, AND FELT ITS LITTLE FINGERS, AND IT HAD BLUE EYES. Now fancy that! and the rest of them so dark. Polly would think it belonged all the more to her, because of it. She says Neds keeping a little steadier that will be good news for Mother. Hes clerk in a coal merchants office now, and brings home his wages pretty regularly. Poor old Ned! and Mary sighed.

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [张家口市网友]

Yet you seemed to me very old and wise, Richard. I suppose it came of you wearing that horrid beard.

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [林芝地区网友]

Trying to keep his Chinese Wall up to the end, said Mahony. His death like his life is to be nobodys business but his own. Well, well . . . as a man lives so he shall die!

2021-06-12 19:56:35 [酒泉市网友]

The only course I can see, is to get out of it. Ive made a big mistake, my dear, and the shortest and cheapest way in the end will be to admit it and tot up the balance. I could curse myself now, for not having taken your advice. Over hasty as always! The only excuse for me is, I honestly believed there was money to be made here. And was in a panic at the rate our funds were running away.