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And so it came about that Mary was sometimes agreeably surprised to hear Richard, if not exactly standing up for the colony, at least not helping to swell the choir of its detractors. This was unending, went round and round like a catch. People outdid one another in discovering fresh grounds for their aversion. Besides the common grievances the droughts and floods, the dust winds and hot winds, the bare, ugly landscape, the seven plagues of winged and creeping things many a small private grudge was owned to, and by the most unlikely lips. Here was a burly tanner who had missed the glimmer of twilight, been vexed at the sudden onrush of the dark. Another grumbler bemoaned the fact that, just when you looked for snow and holly-berries: Hanged if there aint the pitches and appricoats ripe and ready to tumble into your mouth!

On stepping over the threshold you found yourself at once on the upper floor; for so abruptly did the ground on the farther side fall away that the house was one storey to the road, two to the garden. The living-rooms were on the higher level, with a fine view over town and bay all but one, a snug little oak-panelled parlour on the ground floor; and here it was that, one autumn morning between eight and nine oclock, the Mahonys sat at breakfast. Although the air of the young day was mild in the extreme, a generous fire burned in the grate and roared up the chimney, entirely putting to shame, with its scarlet vigour, the wraith-like patch of sunshine that lay across the table.

But the little court that surrounded Miss Timms-Kelly consisted chiefly of married men and bachelors well past marrying age: greybeards who, in listening to the strains of NORMA or SEMIRAMIDE, re-lived their youth. Eligible men fought a little shy of the lady and after a couple of visits to the house were apt to return no more. Happily, Miss Timms-Kelly did not take this greatly to heart. Indeed she even confessed to a relief at their truancy. All my life, love, I have preferred the company of ELDERLY gentlemen. They make one feel so SAFE.

But with the onset of summer, when gardeners were busy netting strawberry-beds and currant-bushes against the greedy thrush; and the blackbird, his wooing done, was omitting the topnotes at the end of his call: by this time, in spite of Mahonys liking for the moderate but sympathetic practice, sly doubts had begun to invade him whether things were really at bottom as satisfactory as they seemed, or whether both in his professional and their twofold social life, there was not a fly in the ointment. In his own case, the suspicion soon deepened to a certainty. Robinson was that fly.

Indeed and Ill do nothing of the sort! . . . now dont start badgering me, Mary. Why on earth should I go to the trouble of soldering old links, for the sake of a single day? Ill never be here again.

And does business flourish, John?

Never will I descend to their starvation-diet! cried Mary warmly.

Yet you seemed to me very old and wise, Richard. I suppose it came of you wearing that horrid beard.

Dear oh deary me! Old Mr. B. laid on the shelf! Why, it seems only like the other day I saw him for the first time . . . when Johnny was born. Yet it must be nigh on five-and-forty years; Johnny will be forty-five come March. In walks Mr. B. Id never needed a doctor till then and says to me me, poor young ignorant thing thankful to have escaped with my life in he comes: Heres a fine fish weve landed to-day, madam! Heres a new recruit for the Grenadier Guards! Twelve pounds if an ounce, and a leg like a three-year-old! I up on my elbow to see, and he quite gruffly: Lie down you villainous young mother, you! Do you want to make an orphan of the brat? He had always to have his joke had Mr. B. and we were good friends from that day. One after another he brought the whole batch of you into the world. Deary me, I shall miss him. Many and manys the time hes stepped over the railing with his weekly news-sheet: Heres a murder case to make you ladies blood run cold, he would say. Or: Another great nugget found on the goldfields! for he knew the ties I had with the colony. And the last sound I used to hear at night was him knocking out his pipe on the chimney-piece. It was such a comfort to me after your father went and the boys scattered to know wed a man so close. Especially in 59, when those dreadful burglaries took place.

So he swallowed a caustic rejoinder, and said dryly: I know your intentions were of the best. But . . . well, frankly, my dear, I think its bad enough if you fill the house with YOUR old friends.

From the chemist Mahony got all the information he wanted and more. The object of his visit grasped, he was led into a dingy little parlour behind the shop, where, amid an overflow of jars and bottles and drawer-cases, Bealby carried on his ex-business life. And both doors noiselessly closed to ensure their privacy, the chemist a rubicund, paunchy old man, with snow-white hair and whiskers himself grew so private that he spoke only in a whisper, and accompanied his words with a forefinger laid flat along his nose. This mysterious air gave the impression that he was divulging dark secrets; though he had no secret to tell, nor would his hearer have thanked him for any. Plainly he was a rare old gossip, and as such made the most both of his subject and the occasion. Mahony could neither dam nor escape from his flow of talk. However, his account of the practice was so favourable that the rest had just to be swallowed even disagreeable tittle-tattle about the old surgeons mode of life. At the plum kept to the last Brocklebank, it appeared, had actually been called in professionally to the great house of the district, Castle Bellevue Mahony could not repress a smile; Bealby alluding to it with a reverence that would have befitted a religious rite. Of more practical importance was the information that there were already two candidates for the practice in the field; but that to these, he, Mahony, would no doubt be preferred; for both were young men, just about to start. And: We want no fledglings, no young sawbones in a position such as this, sir! Now with an elderly man like yourself. . . Wincing, Mahony contrived soon after to let slip the fact that he was but a couple of years over forty.

But this prediction was not fulfilled. The boy weathered the night; and after sixty hours unconsciousness spoke to those about him, though with wandering wits.

Mary. At her name the inner stiffening, the resistance, with which his mind had approached her, yielded; and in its place came a warm uprush of feeling. Her behaviour this very night how surely and fearlessly she had come to the stricken mans aid, without a single hampering thought of self! There was nobody like Mary in a crisis: happy the mortal who, when his end came, had her great heart to lean on. That was worth all else. For of what use, in ones last hour, would be the mental affinity, the ties of intellect he had lately so pitied himself for having missed? One would see these things then for the earth-trimmings they were. A child faced with the horrors of the dark does not ask for his fears to be shared, or to have their origin explained to him. He cries for warm, enfolding arms with which to keep his terrors at bay; or which, if met these must be, alone can help him through the ordeal. Man on his death-bed was little more than such a child; and it was for the mother-arms he craved, to which he clung in passing, until, again like a child, he had dropped to sleep. Hope, faith and love, these three . . . yes, but needed was a love like Marys, compounded of utter selflessness, and patience, and infinite forbearance a love which it was impossible to sin against or overthrow . . . which had more than a touch of the divine in it; was a dim image of that infinite tenderness God Himself might be assumed to bear towards the helpless beings He had created. Measured by it, all other human experience rang hollow.

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Oh! now dont go and but me, Polly, like the dear good soul you are and always ave been. If you mean, am I going to let im make ducks and drakes of poor old Pas money, I can truly say no no fear! Not this child. But . . . well . . . look ere, Mary, I avent spit out the whole truth yet. Youll laugh at what Im going to tell you, and well you may do; it sounds rum enough. But you know they do say old folks fall to playing again with toys, cuddling dolls and whittling chips. Well, a CERTAIN PERSON ad a bit of hair, Poll, that used to curl behind is ear many and manys the time in the old spoony days Ive sat and twiddled it round me finger. Now, is hairs wearing thin on top, but the curls still there and I . . . would you believe it? . . . yes, Im blessed if my finger didnt itch to be at it again. And whats worse, HAS itched ever since. Ere I go, properly in the dumps and the doldrums, and feeling as if nothing ull ever matter much any more if I cant. Oh, theres no fool like an old fool, Mary love! . . . and nobody knows that better than the old fool im herself.

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The brilliant idea that had flashed through his mind in the omnibus was: why go back into harness at all? Retire! . . retire and live on his dividends . . . here was the solution. From now on be free to devote himself to the things that really mattered, in which he had hitherto had no share.

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He first undertook to examine the great moderns: those world-famous scientists and their philosophic spokesmen who dominated the intellectual life of the day. So far he had read their works only in snatches, and at random. He now re-read them systematically; followed step by step the presentment of their monumental theories the idea of evolution, the origin of species, the antiquity of man as well as the constructive or subversive conclusions deduced therefrom.

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This has just come for you, sir. I was about to send it on to your hotel.

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Of course it is. I feel just the same as you. It makes my blood boil to watch Richard, with all his brains, letting himself be duped by some dishonest creature who only wants to make money out of him. But . . . when he once gets an idea in his head . . . . And hes not a bit GRATEFUL for having his eyes opened.

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Chapter III

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A caution, that child, if ever there was one! said Nannan, in relating this poser and how she had queered it Only NAUGHTY little boys ask things like that, Master Cuffy! to Eliza and Ann over tea. This was drunk in a kind of cubby-hole off the night nursery, the three colonials having failed to fraternise with the posse of English servants who had been taken over with the house: a set of prim, starched pokers these, ran the verdict; and deceitful, too, with their sirs and madams to your face, and all the sneery backbiting that went on below-stairs.

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But she had done no more than finish Johns note of welcome and break the seal of Tillys, when a foot came bounding through the saloon, off which the cabin opened, and there was Richard again Richard with rumpled hair, eyes alight, red of face, looking for all the world like a rowdy schoolboy. Seizing her by the hands he pulled her to her feet, and would have twirled her round. But Mary, her letters strewing the floor, protested stood firm.